Hello Puritan Team,

We received Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funding yesterday afternoon. This means you are back on our payroll for the eight-week starting Thursday 4/16 and ending Wed June 10. During this time you will be paid for your regular hours (for full-time employees that is 40 hours per week) with your regular benefits reinstated back to April 1st. 

                • When you submit your unemployment hours for this week, please make sure you submit only through Wednesday April 15.

                • Please do not return to Puritan unless specifically called by your supervisor.

                • Let us know you received this email as we will follow up by phone if we don’t hear from you soon.

Even though we won’t see most of you, we are pleased to have you back on payroll! Our goal is to rebuild Puritan as quickly as we can; but we have to see increased sales and also be sure that everyone can stay healthy. We really don’t know how long this might take. As we continue to get more information, we’ll let you know. 


Michael, Kurt, and Jay